Why You Should Buy Sand Based Sod

When buying sod in Central and South Florida, you will run into two different bases soil wise: Sand based or Muck based. We get a lot of questions over the phone about which is better for our customers, and here is why we think sand based is far better for your Central and South Florida lawn:

  • Most of the state of Florida has sand based soil, which is what we have on the farm. Now, this is not the sugar sand you find on the beach, but more of a sandy soil. Muck based soil is really only found around Lake Okeechobee and is typically used for farming. When harvesting the sod and transplanting it into your lawn, the more similar the soil, the better your new sod will acclimate and thrive. If you used muck based sod, the roots wouldn't have much incentive to leave that nutrient rich muck and travel down into your sand based soil. The deeper the root system, the more drought tolerant your lawn will be. The more drought tolerant your lawn, the less water you will need to use to irrigate it. This saves not only your wallet, but helps the environment, as well!
  • Muck oxidizes over time, which means that it shrinks. This will leave unsightly gaps in your lawn. You will need to then fill these gaps with additional sod and soil… yet another added expense.
  • Muck based sod will show up looking green and lush, but over time, it will decline as the sod is not used to sand based soil.

A great way to give your sand based soil a head start and ensure optimal drought tolerance is to get a starter fertilizer like Scott's Starter Fertilizer, which is available at most home improvement or gardening stores. Apply that to your bare soil and water it in really well. Lay your new sod and give that a good watering as well. What that is doing is sending the fertilizer deep into the soil, giving the new roots a great incentive to travel further down. You will have a well rooted in, healthy lawn in no time!

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Here is an example of our sand based Palmetto St. Augustine sod, healthy and lush!

photo 2



Spring Has Sprung

Well, as evidenced by the onslaught of Spring Breakers descending upon our gorgeous state, Spring is here! This time of year always makes us feel fortunate to live where we do… Great climate, fun activities, and something new and different is always a short car ride away. You can be enjoying a laid back weekend in the Keys full of fishing and tropical fun, switch things up to a more urban, city setting with fancy restaurants in Miami that night, then hit up a family friendly, world class theme park in the Disney area the next day, if you so choose. The options are truly endless. We at the farm experience yet another side of Florida with miles of unspoiled pasture land, plentiful wildlife, and the cattle ranch/ sod farm lifestyle. We may spend the day paddle boarding in the Indian River Lagoon, and then head to a rodeo that night without even dusting off all the sand. There is truly something for everyone no matter which direction you turn!

Another huge perk of living in Central and South Florida is how green and lush our lawns can be. With some care and maintenance, you can have yours looking HGTV ready for many years to come. The best way to ensure your lawn starts out healthy is to buy from a reputable, high quality farm. Make sure your sod is being cut the morning of delivery. Buying sod that has been sitting on the pallet can set your lawn and your wallet back big time, as problems with fungus and appearance issues are sure to follow. You also want to make sure the place you're purchasing your sod from has a regular fertilizer and weed/pest control schedule in place. Some farms will cut corners to save money in this area, which will then cost you time and money when you lay diseased, pest ridden grass. As in most areas of consumerism, you generally get what you pay for. Beware of the pitfalls of "Cheap" sod!

We are pleased to be able to keep our costs affordable by cutting out the middle man. We grow, maintain, harvest, and ship our own sod, so that eliminates a lot of additional and unnecessary price increases for you. It also allows us to have total control over the quality of our sod. We are a family owned and operated company, so we care about our product and take pride in our business! We have Floratam St. Augustine, Palmetto St. Augustine, Argentine Bahia, and Empire Zoysia available for you. Check out our varieties page to see which one is right for you, or just give us a call and one of our friendly and knowleadgable sales reps will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Here is a recent photo of our Floratam St. Augustine fields.



What A Great Time To Lay Sod!

Here in Florida, there really isn't a bad time to lay new sod in your lawn. Our mild climate makes gardening year round an achievable task. That being said, we are coming into a really wonderful time to lay new sod. As we roll out of Winter and into Spring, more people are looking to utilize their outdoor living space. Sand boxes are being revamped and color is appearing with renewed vigor in lawns here. The weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors! Installing your new sod now will ensure that you not only beat the Spring rush, but that you will also be well established and able to enjoy it as the warmer temperatures hit. Laying your turf in cooler temperatures is also easier on the installer!

Our sod is grown in Okeechobee County at our family owned and operated farm, cut the morning of your delivery, and shipped to you by our safe and courteous drivers. Since we are coming from a little further South than some other farms, we aren't hit as hard by frosts… Which means our turf is already greened back up and ready to deliver to you.

photo 1

Here is a close up of what our Floratam St. Augustine looks like in the field today. As you can see, there is a little bit of browning from the recent frosts at the tips, which is almost completely grown out.


photo 2

Here is a close up of the Palmetto St. Augustine. There is no longer any evidence of the frost, and the signature emerald green color of this variety is plain to see.

We hope these pictures help as you search for the right sod to install in your lawn or commercial/residential job!


Roedell’s Has Moved!


Since we have opened for business, Kenny at Roedell's Landscaping has been our only recommendation for any sod customers who prefer to pick up instead of having their sod delivered.

Since we supply them with fresh cut sod, you can be assured the sod you receive will be high quality and fresh turf.


They also take back pallets and refund your deposit to our customers, as long as you bring your receipt and go by there within 30 days.


They recently moved their location, so we are letting y'all know the new address! It is 1707 East Semoran Blvd, Apopka, FL 32703.

You can also visit our Pick Up Locations page here on the website for a Google Map to help you find them.

Tell them we said hello when you stop by!

Frost Damage In Your St. Augustine Lawn

Much of Florida has experienced freezing temperatures a few times in the last month, and these low temps can affect your St. Augustine lawn. You may have noticed your lawn browning at least a little and reverting into a dormant state. This is all normal for this time of year and to be expected when experiencing the low temperatures we have had recently. 

If you feel as though the frost has killed your sod at least in patches, you can either wait until Spring to see what parts of your lawn greens up, or check the stolons periodically throughout the Winter. The stolons are the long, vein-like parts of your grass that some people refer to as "runners". These runners should be at least a little green on the inside when you break them open. If you find the insides are rotten looking and brown, that area of your yard may have died. You then have a couple of options. The first option is that you can leave it the way it is and wait for the live patches to grow in. When going that route, be sure to leave the dead sod there to deter weeds from growing in. This may take a while, depending on the size of the dead patches, and if you would rather not wait, you can go with your second option: Re-sodding those areas. The new sod will blend quickly and have your entire lawn looking perfect by the time Spring rolls around. 

You can also mow your lawn a little closer than you normally do during the winter to encourage new growth. This will have the browned blades disappearing a little quicker with each trim. 

As we head into February, the worst of the Winter weather here in Florida is most likely over. Keep checking back with us to read up on how to prepare your lawn for Spring! 

What A Wet Beginning To Fall!

Whew! We don't know about y'all, but we sure are tired of all this rain! As farmers, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she isn't making it very easy to harvest sod right now. We are still rained out in our Argentine Bahia fields, but are hoping to be able to get in there to cut late next week. 

The wet weather is causing a delay on harvesting in our Palmetto and Captiva St. Augustine fields as well, and we are hoping to be able to harvest those varieties in the middle part of October. 

We are still able to get our Floratam St. Augustine harvested, as well as the Empire Zoysia, as long as those fields don't have standing water. Just give us a call to see what the field is looking like and to place your order! 

For all previous customers, especially those with shade tolerant St. Augustine varieties, don't forget to apply fungicide to your lawns once this wet weather clears out. 

Also, we are still running our free delivery special on two or more pallets to certain counties… We aren't sure how much longer that will be going on, so get the deal while you can! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to Fall! 


Happy Fall, Y’all!

It is officially Fall to most of the world, as Labor Day has come and gone. Here in Florida, the seasons are not drastic, so it will be a bit before we experience a change in weather. Most of the folks we know aren't too concerned with that, however, and are unpacking their Autumn decor and creating festive displays around and outside the house. I have noticed several wreaths adorning doors and cheerful garden flags with pumpkins lining neighborhoods. What a fun time of year! 

The holidays also bring out many peoples craftiness, and we are no different. Since the dawning of Pinterest.com, it seems that has been taken to a whole new level! Our boards are full of burlap wreath tutorials and pumpkin carving ideas, as well as recipes with Autumn flavor… Pumpkin chocolate chip bread anyone?  We have also been enjoying our fair share of Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. It's just not the holidays until you take your first sip! Although, here in Florida, we have been drinking them iced! 

It's also a time to utilize our lawns more often, as the weather becomes less and less scorching. Outdoor seating is dusted off and fluffed out and gardening is not such a miserable task, but is instead enjoyable again. It's also such a great time of year to lay sod, as the weather is conducive to less stress on your newly harvested and installed grass. Take advantage of our free delivery special to certain counties, and it's a win – win situation!

Here is a photo of a burlap wreath that Hallie just made to put on the front door of one of the ranch houses. It definitely looks like Fall!


Post from the Ranch

Here is a fresh new blog post from our cattle ranch, Willaway Cattle Co., Inc. We are trying to get into the habit of carrying our fancy cameras around with us, so there will be a lot more fun wildlife and cattle pictures on the site! 

Just click the link below to check out some pictures of deer and cattle:




Sunsets On The Farm and Summer Fading

As we see light at the end of the tunnel from the dog days of Summer, we are eagerly anticipating Fall on the farm… It is such a beautiful time of year with cool breezes and lots of wildlife activity. Our cow work schedule is set for the coming months, and it's always much more pleasant to saddle up when it's a bit brisk out. We are really excited! In honor of that time of year when it's easier to spend the day outside without melting into a puddle, here is a blog post about our gorgeous sunsets on the property. We are really proud of them, and feel very blessed and thankful to be able to see them every morning here. After all these years, they have yet to lose their charm… They are just that beautiful! Click the link below to see for yourself. 


Now, not only is the Fall a good time for being outside on the ranch, but it is also a wonderful time to lay new sod in your lawn. Not only is it easier for you when the heat breaks a bit, but it's also great timing for your new sod. Here in Florida, we have the luxury of never having a "bad" time to install new landscaping, but some are better than others for various reasons. For example, if you lay your new sod in the Fall, it will easily acclimate and put down roots throughout the cooler months with no stress on it, and then as soon as it begins to warm in the Spring, you will already have a head start on your neighbors with a gorgeous, super green lawn. Treat with some weed and feed fertilizer, sit back, relax, and enjoy it! 

We hope you are all having a great end to your Summer and we would love to have an opportunity to send you some of our cut fresh, straight from the family farm sod! 

Here is a photo taken in our Floratam St. Augustine fields recently. The rainy July here translated to some super green sod!