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Spring Maintenance – St. Augustine Lawns (Palmetto, Captiva, Floratam)

Spring has sprung and it's time for some maintenance for your St. Augustine lawn to ensure you have it in it's peak of health! Here are our suggestions for what you can do to maintain the health and quality of your Southern Sod lawn so that you can reap the benefits all summer long. 


Two diseases that you'll want to keep an eye out for are Grey Leaf Spot and Brown Spot Fungus. Both can make your lawn look pretty unattractive, so you'll want to follow the precautions to avoid them. One is to not overwater. Your St. Augustine lawn really only needs about an inch of precipitation per week, whether that comes from rainwater or irrigation systems. A good rule of thumb is to wait to water your lawn until it starts to wilt a bit. This will also "train" your lawn to be more drought tolerant. If you notice these diseases showing up in your lawn, simply apply a fungicide, being sure to follow the directions on package. Also remember that shaded areas of your lawn will require even less water and may break out in fungus all the more easily, so keep that in mind. 


Brown Patch Fungus in a St. Augustine lawn. Photo credit:


Grey Leaf Spot in a St. Augustine lawn. Photo credit:


The beginning of Spring is an excellent time to fertilize your St. Augustine lawn. A ratio of 2-0-1 is generally recommended, and this means 2 parts Nitrogen, 0 parts Phosphorus, and 1 part Potassium. This can be found in blends such as 25-0-12 or 12-0-6. Again, read the labels and instructions carefully. Also, this is a broad general recommendation and you may wish to check with your local extension office to ensure you are using precisely what your soil requires. Be sure to water the fertilizer in well and enjoy watching your lawn transform into a lush and green oasis!


Early Spring is also a good time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This ensures that any seeds for weeds below the surface are not given the chance to germinate and cause ugly patches in your lawn. If you have missed the window, and the weeds are already popping up, you can also apply a topical spray to each outbreak, being very careful to take safety precautions and follow the instructions. 


Chinch bigs affect all St. Augustine varieties except for Captiva. This is generally not the time of year for a chinch bug infestation, as about three-quarters of all infestations occur in the Summer or early Fall. You will want to keep an eye out for them, however, as it is possible. If you are sure you have an infestation, a product containing Carbaryl will usually knock them out. It might be a good idea to contact a professional spray company, as they will completely demolish your lawn if the situation gets out of control. 

If you are nervous to try your hand at lawn maintenance yourself, a great and easy option is to call a local lawn care company. There are a lot of different companies that will come when you need them, or you can set them up for a monthly service, which is even better. These professionals can spot problems in your lawn before they become issues and treat them right away. 

We hope these Spring maintenance tips are helpful in keeping your Southern Sod lawn healthy and beautiful for many years to come!


Palmetto St. Augustine

As a sod farmer, you have to have a tiny bit of scientist in you. That excitement over producing a quality product and learning about new up-and-comers in the turf grass industry is what makes our family business fun and exciting. We don't wind up selling every single variety of sod that we experiment with growing. If we don't think it will work well for our customers, we move along to something that will. The owner, our Dad, has allowed us to experiment with his lawn, which is located on the farm and has a lot of Live Oak trees, resulting in quite a bit of shade. His yard can sometimes look like a patchwork quilt with the different varieties being tested out there (which our Mom just LOVES) but it has definitely allowed us to be able to find which variety works best in a partial shade environment. 

That being said, we have definitely found a shade tolerant St. Augustine that we highly recommend. Palmetto St. Augustine is quickly becoming a favorite in the industry for not only it's shade tolerance, but for it's appearance as well. With deep emerald green color and shorter, soft to the touch blades than it's Floratam counterpart, Palmetto easily wins out on the manicured dream lawn appearance. Landscapers are now installing Palmetto in areas with no shade at all just based on the fact that it's curb appeal can't be beat. Our Mom is now campaigning to end our experiments with her yard and is adamant that Palmetto be installed throughout, saying that it is her favorite type that we grow. 

Palmetto was also discovered as a native grass in South Florida, so it will be sure to thrive in your Florida lawn. Most shade tolerant St. Augustine's tend to fungus easily, resulting in a sickly, unhealthy lawn, but we have found that Palmetto is the least likely offender in this category. We still recommend a spray company to keep up with things like chinch bugs in any St. Augustine lawn, but the possibility of constantly fighting with fungus is less likely in Palmetto turf. 

Please give us a call to get an over the phone quote on installing Palmetto St. Augustine turf in your next project or family's lawn… We promise you won't be disappointed! 

Click the photo below for more information on Palmetto St. Augustine and the other varieties we carry:

The Pitfalls To Buying Cheap Sod

In this economy, it seems that everyone is looking for a better deal. Why not? Times are tough! Landscaping your yard may be an area where you are hoping to save money, but you may want to do some research before buying "cheap" or less expensive turf. The savings you may incur could in time take a much larger chunk out of your wallet. We receive phone calls daily from people who installed new sod in their lawn from companies that boasted rock bottom pricing on their grass. When it was delivered, customers say it didn't look the way they had hoped quality wise, but they installed it and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, that lawn is now needing to be replaced the next year. Having learned their lesson and done their research, they call us. 

Here is an excerpt from one of Sod Solutions recent blog posts: 

"If you're thinking about sod, for a new yard or patching up bare spots, be a savvy consumer and do some comparison shopping, as all sod is NOT alike. You'll find this out fast if you call a few sod farms and ask for prices. Don't be surprised if those prices vary a bit, or a lot. There's a reason for it, and even though the cheaper sod might seem like a good idea, it can end up taking a much larger chunk out of your waller in the long run than the more expensive, higher quality turf and varieties.

Here's why: The cheaper sod might come from a 'me too' farmer; someone who wants to get into the market and sells commodity grass at below market cost. It also may be coming from a field that has been sitting for a while after not being sold, making transplanting more difficult. The difference between these folks and the growers of good sod – people who do things the right way, who don't cut corners, and who deliver a superior sod product – is that the other guys will, for lack of a better term, cheap out. They'll just let their grass grow without the care and attention it needs. Many will let weeds go wild until the very end of production and hit them hard with chemicals. This kills the weeds, but it also weakens the grass just before it's about to undergo the stress of being harvested and turned into sod. This practice can lead to grass that is more susceptible to drying out, failing to transplant, and dying… Which means buying all new grass and starting over from scratch. 

You might spend more money on the front end when you buy sod that's been grown like it SHOULD be, but you'll save time and money in the long run."



Be sure you're buying your turf from a reputable grower and you will be able to enjoy your lawn for years to come!


Colder Weather

It sure doesn't feel like South Florida right now, but we are feeling very blessed! Our sod fields survived the night of frigid temperatures with only a very light frost in a few areas. As farmers, we are always praying about the weather: Praying for rain, praying for the rain to quit, praying for warmer weather, praying for it to cool off a bit, praying for the wind to blow during a frost, and praying for the wind to lay down during planting or fertilizing. We are the mercy of Mother Nature throughout the year, so when she gives us a Hall Pass, it sure lifts the worry from our shoulders. We are thankful to have stayed green and are excited to send our customers the quality they have come to expect.

Time for some hot coffee and a sigh of relief!

Stay warm out there, folks!

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Sod For Any Florida Lawn… Available Now!

Are you looking at your lawn, knowing you need a change, but not sure where to start or what type of sod you may need? We have several farm fresh varieties available, so we know we can meet your needs… Whatever they may be!

Please feel free to visit our Varieties Page by clicking the link below:

This page is perfect for finding out which type of sod is just right for your lawn, as well as seeing which type you find the most attractive.

You can also call us at 407.290.0150 to speak directly with a Sales Representative who can help you as well.

If you're planning on re-sodding your lawn this Spring, now is a perfect time. You can beat the Spring Rush and have your lawn extablished and beautiful so that you are able to enjoy it as our Florida weather just keeps getting better.

We are also currently running a special: Order two or more pallets to Orange, Osceola, Seminole, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin counties and recieve FREE DELIVERY! That's a great savings! We aren't sure when the special will run out, so call today and get your sod ordered! Don't miss out on this incredible deal!


It’s Almost Spring!

It's almost Spring according to the calendar, but here in Florida it feels as though it already is! We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this gorgeous weather, and it certainly makes us want to get outside and utilize our lawns. Spring time brings to mind garden parties, Easter egg hunts, memories made in sandboxes, and playing catch in the back yard in bare feet. 

Spring time is also a wonderful time to revamp your green space. The mild weather and occasional showers lend itself to perfect conditions for laying new sod. If your lawn leaves a little to be desired, please give us a call and let us help you out! Our fields are maintained to the highest quality and our service can't be beat… Take advantage of all the space your lawn has to offer and enjoy making memories in it throughout the year. 

We would love to send you gorgeous new sod, cut to order, fresh every morning… From our family farm to your family's yard! That't the Southern Sod Services, LLC promise!

Please visit our varieties page to see which type is right for you!



Not Just Sod

We are going to take a guess and assume that most of you visiting this site are interested in sod… But we wanted to let you know there is a whole lot more going on at the farm than you think. We are also a cattle ranch and a family.

If you are interested in learning about our company even further than just what type of sod is available, please visit our blog on the cattle website! We update often with whatever is going on at the ranch, whether it's calving time, putting up hay, renovating sod fields, or a great family recipe, we hope you enjoy taking a peek at our day to day lives! 

Click the link below to start reading the blog. Don't forget to sign up to follow the blog so that you'll get each new post delivered directly to your email!

There’s Only One Southern Sod Services, LLC!

We have had a few calls recently from customers who have purchased sod through a company called "Southern Sod" that is based in a different town. They were unhappy with the quality recieved and thought we were all affilliated since our names are so similar.

Please make sure when you call to place your order, that you are buying sod from Southern Sod Services, LLC, based out of Okeechobee, Florida. Our grass is high quality and is grown on a family owned and operated farm. There is no middle man, so you benefit from direct savings and our attention to detail. We would love to have your as our next customer!





When It Rains, It Pours!

Most famers and ranchers know that the moisture level on your land is one of two things: Too wet, or too dry. This adage is especially true in Florida, where Summer storms hit every afternoon and hurricanes lurk out there in the ocean. We went from too dry and desperately needing some rain, to under water before you could say, “Umbrella, please?” Luckily, we had literally just finished all the work preparing our brand spankin’ new 70 acre reservoir, and instead of the excess rain water flowing to Lake Okeechobee, to then flow into the Indian River, we held onto that moisture in a sort of wet stockpile, to use when times are dry. The icing on the cake of our exciting new addition to our ranch is that this body of water is now home already to three different species of ducks, some herons, and other types of water birds. Fish like Bass and Bream have most likely already made their way to it’s depths, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if an American Alligator slipped in with deep satisfaction, no longer restricted to the large and deep ditches that surround and intersect the property. Turtles of the soft and hard shell variety will follow close behind, frogs, and maybe even some of my favorite animal: Otters. Can you tell we are a little excited about our new reservoir? It will be not only incredibly beneficial to our efforts as farmers, but to the wildlife in the area as well. This symbiotic relationship with the land is what farmers and ranchers enjoy most.

Unfortunately, the massive amounts of rainfall is preventing us from putting up hay and harvesting sod. We have been able to cut in our Floratam fields, but our Argentine Bahia is just too wet. So we wait, somewhat impatiently, to be able to complete the work.

We have, however, been able to check our cattle to ensure that they are pregnant. Our veterinarian has been coming out as the herds are gathered and brought to the pens. He then “preg checks” each cow, and the results are recorded. Any “open”, or not pregnant cows, are noted and this way we are able to keep close tabs on how our bulls are preforming and our cattle’s fertility. The positive numbers are extremely high this year, and we are all thrilled. It’s been an incredibly successful “breed back” year at Willaway Cattle Company! This means that not only are our bulls healthy, but our cows are, too, and that is something to celebrate. It also means that we will have a larger pool to choose our “keeper” heifers from, which will increase the quality of our herds. So, despite the deluge rains, there is always something to be thankful for on a farm or a ranch!



These gals say, "Hey! Get out there and cut our hay, already!"


Would you like to read more about the ranch and farm where we grow the sod? Visit our new website!





Southern Sod Services Delivery FAQ’s

Are you interested to know exactly how delivery works at Southern Sod, and whether or not we deliver in your area, but would rather find out online than over the phone? Not to worry, here is a quick rundown of some frequently asked questions:

We deliver sod to the following counties in Central Florida:




We also deliver sod to parts of Lake and Volusia for additional fees. Give us a call to find out if we service your neck of the woods!


We deliver sod to the following counties on the Treasure Coast:

St. Lucie


Indian River


We also deliver to parts of Brevard for an additional fee, such as Melbourne and Palm Bay.


Do you need a full truckload of sod, which would be 16-18 pallets? We may be able to deliver outside of our normal range for high volume customers. We would love to have your business, so give us a call to find out if we can send you some of our high quality, super healthy, farm fresh sod!


Our drivers are professional, safe, courteous, and prompt. We enjoy their friendly personalities and we think you will, too. They will call the phone number you provide about an hour before delivery to give you time to be at the delivery location. We have forklifts on our trucks and the drivers will offload your pallets as close to where you need them as possible. Keep in mind that the forklifts need at least 10 ft of width to get through gates or fences. If you can't be there when the sod is delivered, simply put out some markers such as flags in the ground where you would like the sod, or let the driver know when he calls.


Other FAQ's:

Q: When is the sod cut?

A: The sod that you order is cut fresh the morning of your delivery. Our crew is careful to stack your pallet with the best sod we have available on the farm.


Q: How long can I wait before laying my new sod?

A: You will need to lay your Southern sod within 24 hours of delivery. Waiting any longer can cause fungus, disease, and death in your new sod.


Q: Do I have to be there when you deliver the sod?

A: As long as you pay with a credit card over the phone, you do not need to be there to accept delivery.


Q: What kind of payment is accepted?

A: We accept cash, money orders, or the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept debit cards with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logos. Due to a high volume of returned checks, we unfortunately can not accept checks as payment.


Q: How much notice do I need to give to get sod delivered?

A: Usually a few days is enough notice, but keep in mind that Thursdays and Fridays fill up fast. If you would like your sod delivered at the end of the week, we may need more notice.


We hope this post has been helpful, and if you still have questions or would like to order some Farm Fresh Southern sod, please do not hesitate to give us a call!


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