Happy Fall, Y’all!

It is officially Fall to most of the world, as Labor Day has come and gone. Here in Florida, the seasons are not drastic, so it will be a bit before we experience a change in weather. Most of the folks we know aren't too concerned with that, however, and are unpacking their Autumn decor and creating festive displays around and outside the house. I have noticed several wreaths adorning doors and cheerful garden flags with pumpkins lining neighborhoods. What a fun time of year! 

The holidays also bring out many peoples craftiness, and we are no different. Since the dawning of Pinterest.com, it seems that has been taken to a whole new level! Our boards are full of burlap wreath tutorials and pumpkin carving ideas, as well as recipes with Autumn flavor… Pumpkin chocolate chip bread anyone?  We have also been enjoying our fair share of Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. It's just not the holidays until you take your first sip! Although, here in Florida, we have been drinking them iced! 

It's also a time to utilize our lawns more often, as the weather becomes less and less scorching. Outdoor seating is dusted off and fluffed out and gardening is not such a miserable task, but is instead enjoyable again. It's also such a great time of year to lay sod, as the weather is conducive to less stress on your newly harvested and installed grass. Take advantage of our free delivery special to certain counties, and it's a win – win situation!

Here is a photo of a burlap wreath that Hallie just made to put on the front door of one of the ranch houses. It definitely looks like Fall!