Sunsets On The Farm and Summer Fading

As we see light at the end of the tunnel from the dog days of Summer, we are eagerly anticipating Fall on the farm… It is such a beautiful time of year with cool breezes and lots of wildlife activity. Our cow work schedule is set for the coming months, and it's always much more pleasant to saddle up when it's a bit brisk out. We are really excited! In honor of that time of year when it's easier to spend the day outside without melting into a puddle, here is a blog post about our gorgeous sunsets on the property. We are really proud of them, and feel very blessed and thankful to be able to see them every morning here. After all these years, they have yet to lose their charm… They are just that beautiful! Click the link below to see for yourself.

Now, not only is the Fall a good time for being outside on the ranch, but it is also a wonderful time to lay new sod in your lawn. Not only is it easier for you when the heat breaks a bit, but it's also great timing for your new sod. Here in Florida, we have the luxury of never having a "bad" time to install new landscaping, but some are better than others for various reasons. For example, if you lay your new sod in the Fall, it will easily acclimate and put down roots throughout the cooler months with no stress on it, and then as soon as it begins to warm in the Spring, you will already have a head start on your neighbors with a gorgeous, super green lawn. Treat with some weed and feed fertilizer, sit back, relax, and enjoy it! 

We hope you are all having a great end to your Summer and we would love to have an opportunity to send you some of our cut fresh, straight from the family farm sod! 

Here is a photo taken in our Floratam St. Augustine fields recently. The rainy July here translated to some super green sod!


Back To School Special!

Is it really time for school again already? We certainly feel as though the Summer flew by! We hope you have all had a great Summer and are looking forward to the new school year. To cheer you up if you're a bit sad to see the Summer end, here is a GREAT Back To School Special we are running! It expires August 31, so mention this blog post and like our facebook page to get $10 off any order of sod! Don't forget, we are also still running our Free Delivery on 2 or More Pallets special to certain counties, so this translates to big savings for you at a time when you may be school supply shopping. Both specials can be combined to your order! Give us a call now at 407.290.0150 and order before it ends!

Here is the link to our facebook page:


When It Rains, It Pours!

Most famers and ranchers know that the moisture level on your land is one of two things: Too wet, or too dry. This adage is especially true in Florida, where Summer storms hit every afternoon and hurricanes lurk out there in the ocean. We went from too dry and desperately needing some rain, to under water before you could say, “Umbrella, please?” Luckily, we had literally just finished all the work preparing our brand spankin’ new 70 acre reservoir, and instead of the excess rain water flowing to Lake Okeechobee, to then flow into the Indian River, we held onto that moisture in a sort of wet stockpile, to use when times are dry. The icing on the cake of our exciting new addition to our ranch is that this body of water is now home already to three different species of ducks, some herons, and other types of water birds. Fish like Bass and Bream have most likely already made their way to it’s depths, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if an American Alligator slipped in with deep satisfaction, no longer restricted to the large and deep ditches that surround and intersect the property. Turtles of the soft and hard shell variety will follow close behind, frogs, and maybe even some of my favorite animal: Otters. Can you tell we are a little excited about our new reservoir? It will be not only incredibly beneficial to our efforts as farmers, but to the wildlife in the area as well. This symbiotic relationship with the land is what farmers and ranchers enjoy most.

Unfortunately, the massive amounts of rainfall is preventing us from putting up hay and harvesting sod. We have been able to cut in our Floratam fields, but our Argentine Bahia is just too wet. So we wait, somewhat impatiently, to be able to complete the work.

We have, however, been able to check our cattle to ensure that they are pregnant. Our veterinarian has been coming out as the herds are gathered and brought to the pens. He then “preg checks” each cow, and the results are recorded. Any “open”, or not pregnant cows, are noted and this way we are able to keep close tabs on how our bulls are preforming and our cattle’s fertility. The positive numbers are extremely high this year, and we are all thrilled. It’s been an incredibly successful “breed back” year at Willaway Cattle Company! This means that not only are our bulls healthy, but our cows are, too, and that is something to celebrate. It also means that we will have a larger pool to choose our “keeper” heifers from, which will increase the quality of our herds. So, despite the deluge rains, there is always something to be thankful for on a farm or a ranch!



These gals say, "Hey! Get out there and cut our hay, already!"


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