Frost Damage In Your St. Augustine Lawn

Much of Florida has experienced freezing temperatures a few times in the last month, and these low temps can affect your St. Augustine lawn. You may have noticed your lawn browning at least a little and reverting into a dormant state. This is all normal for this time of year and to be expected when experiencing the low temperatures we have had recently. 

If you feel as though the frost has killed your sod at least in patches, you can either wait until Spring to see what parts of your lawn greens up, or check the stolons periodically throughout the Winter. The stolons are the long, vein-like parts of your grass that some people refer to as "runners". These runners should be at least a little green on the inside when you break them open. If you find the insides are rotten looking and brown, that area of your yard may have died. You then have a couple of options. The first option is that you can leave it the way it is and wait for the live patches to grow in. When going that route, be sure to leave the dead sod there to deter weeds from growing in. This may take a while, depending on the size of the dead patches, and if you would rather not wait, you can go with your second option: Re-sodding those areas. The new sod will blend quickly and have your entire lawn looking perfect by the time Spring rolls around. 

You can also mow your lawn a little closer than you normally do during the winter to encourage new growth. This will have the browned blades disappearing a little quicker with each trim. 

As we head into February, the worst of the Winter weather here in Florida is most likely over. Keep checking back with us to read up on how to prepare your lawn for Spring!