Why You Should Buy Sand Based Sod

When buying sod in Central and South Florida, you will run into two different bases soil wise: Sand based or Muck based. We get a lot of questions over the phone about which is better for our customers, and here is why we think sand based is far better for your Central and South Florida lawn:

  • Most of the state of Florida has sand based soil, which is what we have on the farm. Now, this is not the sugar sand you find on the beach, but more of a sandy soil. Muck based soil is really only found around Lake Okeechobee and is typically used for farming. When harvesting the sod and transplanting it into your lawn, the more similar the soil, the better your new sod will acclimate and thrive. If you used muck based sod, the roots wouldn't have much incentive to leave that nutrient rich muck and travel down into your sand based soil. The deeper the root system, the more drought tolerant your lawn will be. The more drought tolerant your lawn, the less water you will need to use to irrigate it. This saves not only your wallet, but helps the environment, as well!
  • Muck oxidizes over time, which means that it shrinks. This will leave unsightly gaps in your lawn. You will need to then fill these gaps with additional sod and soil… yet another added expense.
  • Muck based sod will show up looking green and lush, but over time, it will decline as the sod is not used to sand based soil.

A great way to give your sand based soil a head start and ensure optimal drought tolerance is to get a starter fertilizer like Scott's Starter Fertilizer, which is available at most home improvement or gardening stores. Apply that to your bare soil and water it in really well. Lay your new sod and give that a good watering as well. What that is doing is sending the fertilizer deep into the soil, giving the new roots a great incentive to travel further down. You will have a well rooted in, healthy lawn in no time!

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Here is an example of our sand based Palmetto St. Augustine sod, healthy and lush!

photo 2