What A Great Time To Lay Sod!

Here in Florida, there really isn't a bad time to lay new sod in your lawn. Our mild climate makes gardening year round an achievable task. That being said, we are coming into a really wonderful time to lay new sod. As we roll out of Winter and into Spring, more people are looking to utilize their outdoor living space. Sand boxes are being revamped and color is appearing with renewed vigor in lawns here. The weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors! Installing your new sod now will ensure that you not only beat the Spring rush, but that you will also be well established and able to enjoy it as the warmer temperatures hit. Laying your turf in cooler temperatures is also easier on the installer!

Our sod is grown in Okeechobee County at our family owned and operated farm, cut the morning of your delivery, and shipped to you by our safe and courteous drivers. Since we are coming from a little further South than some other farms, we aren't hit as hard by frosts… Which means our turf is already greened back up and ready to deliver to you.

photo 1

Here is a close up of what our Floratam St. Augustine looks like in the field today. As you can see, there is a little bit of browning from the recent frosts at the tips, which is almost completely grown out.


photo 2

Here is a close up of the Palmetto St. Augustine. There is no longer any evidence of the frost, and the signature emerald green color of this variety is plain to see.

We hope these pictures help as you search for the right sod to install in your lawn or commercial/residential job!