What A Wet Beginning To Fall!

Whew! We don't know about y'all, but we sure are tired of all this rain! As farmers, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she isn't making it very easy to harvest sod right now. We are still rained out in our Argentine Bahia fields, but are hoping to be able to get in there to cut late next week. 

The wet weather is causing a delay on harvesting in our Palmetto and Captiva St. Augustine fields as well, and we are hoping to be able to harvest those varieties in the middle part of October. 

We are still able to get our Floratam St. Augustine harvested, as well as the Empire Zoysia, as long as those fields don't have standing water. Just give us a call to see what the field is looking like and to place your order! 

For all previous customers, especially those with shade tolerant St. Augustine varieties, don't forget to apply fungicide to your lawns once this wet weather clears out. 

Also, we are still running our free delivery special on two or more pallets to certain counties… We aren't sure how much longer that will be going on, so get the deal while you can! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to Fall! 


Sunsets On The Farm and Summer Fading

As we see light at the end of the tunnel from the dog days of Summer, we are eagerly anticipating Fall on the farm… It is such a beautiful time of year with cool breezes and lots of wildlife activity. Our cow work schedule is set for the coming months, and it's always much more pleasant to saddle up when it's a bit brisk out. We are really excited! In honor of that time of year when it's easier to spend the day outside without melting into a puddle, here is a blog post about our gorgeous sunsets on the property. We are really proud of them, and feel very blessed and thankful to be able to see them every morning here. After all these years, they have yet to lose their charm… They are just that beautiful! Click the link below to see for yourself. 


Now, not only is the Fall a good time for being outside on the ranch, but it is also a wonderful time to lay new sod in your lawn. Not only is it easier for you when the heat breaks a bit, but it's also great timing for your new sod. Here in Florida, we have the luxury of never having a "bad" time to install new landscaping, but some are better than others for various reasons. For example, if you lay your new sod in the Fall, it will easily acclimate and put down roots throughout the cooler months with no stress on it, and then as soon as it begins to warm in the Spring, you will already have a head start on your neighbors with a gorgeous, super green lawn. Treat with some weed and feed fertilizer, sit back, relax, and enjoy it! 

We hope you are all having a great end to your Summer and we would love to have an opportunity to send you some of our cut fresh, straight from the family farm sod! 

Here is a photo taken in our Floratam St. Augustine fields recently. The rainy July here translated to some super green sod!


A Very Rainy July

Whew! Here at the farm we have been experiencing record amounts of rain this July! August has proven to be drier, and the sod is looking great after all that moisture! It's beautiful emerald green as far as you can see on the sod fields. Our St. Augustine Floratam and Empire Zoysia is currently available for delivery to your home or business and we would love to send some to you! We are still unfortunately on a wait list for Argentine Bahia, but are hoping to be able to cut next week sometime. We won't ship anything to you unless it is of the highest quality and we sure do appreciate your patience. As always in the summer, we are holding off on harvesting our Palmetto St. Augustine and Captiva St. Augustine. These varieties have a tendency to fungus easily, and therefore don't do well on the pallet during the dog days of Summer. Fungus loves three things: Warm, Wet, and Dark… Which is exactly the conditions you will find when stacked on a pallet during these hot months. They do much better being installed in the early to late Fall, Winter, Spring, and early Summer. We want your lawn to look the best it can! 

Are you experiencing some fungus problems in your lawn from all the rain? Most people in Florida are right now. No worries! A topical fungicide purchased from a garden center or home improvement store will restore the health of your lawn. Be sure to read the instructions on the label and follow any safety precautions. You can also check our previous blog post on the topic of Rainy Weather and Your Florida Lawn by clicking the link below:


We hope you are all having a fabulous summer!

Southern Sod Services Delivery FAQ’s

Are you interested to know exactly how delivery works at Southern Sod, and whether or not we deliver in your area, but would rather find out online than over the phone? Not to worry, here is a quick rundown of some frequently asked questions:

We deliver sod to the following counties in Central Florida:




We also deliver sod to parts of Lake and Volusia for additional fees. Give us a call to find out if we service your neck of the woods!


We deliver sod to the following counties on the Treasure Coast:

St. Lucie


Indian River


We also deliver to parts of Brevard for an additional fee, such as Melbourne and Palm Bay.


Do you need a full truckload of sod, which would be 16-18 pallets? We may be able to deliver outside of our normal range for high volume customers. We would love to have your business, so give us a call to find out if we can send you some of our high quality, super healthy, farm fresh sod!


Our drivers are professional, safe, courteous, and prompt. We enjoy their friendly personalities and we think you will, too. They will call the phone number you provide about an hour before delivery to give you time to be at the delivery location. We have forklifts on our trucks and the drivers will offload your pallets as close to where you need them as possible. Keep in mind that the forklifts need at least 10 ft of width to get through gates or fences. If you can't be there when the sod is delivered, simply put out some markers such as flags in the ground where you would like the sod, or let the driver know when he calls.


Other FAQ's:

Q: When is the sod cut?

A: The sod that you order is cut fresh the morning of your delivery. Our crew is careful to stack your pallet with the best sod we have available on the farm.


Q: How long can I wait before laying my new sod?

A: You will need to lay your Southern sod within 24 hours of delivery. Waiting any longer can cause fungus, disease, and death in your new sod.


Q: Do I have to be there when you deliver the sod?

A: As long as you pay with a credit card over the phone, you do not need to be there to accept delivery.


Q: What kind of payment is accepted?

A: We accept cash, money orders, or the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept debit cards with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logos. Due to a high volume of returned checks, we unfortunately can not accept checks as payment.


Q: How much notice do I need to give to get sod delivered?

A: Usually a few days is enough notice, but keep in mind that Thursdays and Fridays fill up fast. If you would like your sod delivered at the end of the week, we may need more notice.


We hope this post has been helpful, and if you still have questions or would like to order some Farm Fresh Southern sod, please do not hesitate to give us a call!