Spring Maintenance for Zoysia Lawns (Empire and Jamur)

Spring has sprung and we are so excited about it! Your lawn is gearing up for a long hot summer and I'm sure you're noticing the "green-up" taking place. Zoysia grasses will go dormant in the Winter time, and although we don't experience the cold weather down here in Florida as much as most of the country, you may still have noticed some browning of your lawn during the frosts we have had. Not to worry! This is all normal for Zoysia turf and a gorgeous lawn is around the corner! We have some helpful tips on how to go about maintaining your Zoysia turf in the early Spring, which will result in a healthy, quality, gorgeous lawn for years to come. Here are the guidelines we suggest following:


Once you're sure there will be no more frosts in your location, go ahead and mow your Zoysia lawn very short. The suggested mowing height is between 1"-2" for Empire and Jamur Zoysia, but a real scalping in early Spring can be beneficial to paving the way for a lush and healthy lawn. Just be sure to bag any clippings and remove them. Usually just adjusting your lawn mower down one setting will be enough to mow your turf tight enough to reap the rewards of this practice.


Zoysia turf is usually pretty resistant to fungus, but it is a possibility, especially when overwatered or in areas that aren't getting the suggested daily amount of sun. (Zoysia grasses like to have full sunlight all day) Applying fungicide topically to your lawn should alleviate the problem. Just be sure to read the instructions and maintain proper safety practices. Be careful not to overwater, as this may increase the probability of fungus. 


You will want to apply a broad spectrum insecticide if you believe your Zoysia turf has been infected with bugs. A few examples of insects that could be feasting on your lawn are Bill Bugs, Army Worms, White Grubs, Web Worms, and even Chinch Bugs can affect Zoysia turf. Make sure you follow the directions on the label carefully, and be sure to water in any granular insecticide after application. 


Spring is a great time of year to fertilize, and the recommended blend for Zoysia turf is 1-0-1. This means 1 part Nitrogen, 0 parts Phosphorus, 1 part Potassium. A typical formulation of that you may find is 15-0-15. Don't wait until the hot summer months to fertilize, as this will "burn up" your lawn and cause a lot of damage. Now is definitely the time to complete that task and you will reap the benefits all Summer long with a healthy, lush, and green oasis!


Spring time is also a good time to apply a pre-emergent Herbicide. This will ensure that the seeds of weeds just below the surface don't have a chance to germinate and wreak havoc in your lawn. If you have missed the window of opportunity and find that weeds are already popping up, you can apply a topical Herbicide to ensure the problem doesn't spread. Be sure to carefully follow the label's directions and always use proper safety precautions when handling chemicals. 

If you aren't sure you're up to the task or simply don't have time in your ever increasingly busy schedule, a great option is to hire a professional lawn care company to complete the Spring maintenance for you. We recommend that any Zoysia lawn owner has a regularly scheduled spray program in place. This way, the professional can see a problem before it get's out of hand and nip it in the bud. This practice can result in an extremely healthy lawn that won't need replacing for many years. The cost is not terribly expensive compared to the alternative of replacing your lawn annually. 

We hope these Spring time tips have helped! As always, please let us know if there is anything we can help you with your Southern Sod Services, LLC lawn!